TapSwap approaches key milestone ahead of TAPS airdrop

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TapSwap, the fast-growing tap-to-earn platform, is about to achieve a major milestone as the number of users jump. 

The Telegram platform is about to cross the 60 million users level, a few weeks after it was launched. Data on its platform shows that it has over 59.7 million users, making it the second-biggest player in the industry after Hamster Kombat, which has 200 million users.

TapSwap has over 19 million daily active users who have accumulated over 2.7 trillion TAPS tokens. Also, it has gained over 6 million Twitter users.

For starters, TapSwap is a leading player in the tap-to-earn industry that makes it easy for people to earn tokens by just tapping a button on its mini-app. This mini-app can only be accessed in Telegram, a social media platform with over 900 million users. 

The next stage in TapSwap’s journey will be its eventual airdrop, which will happen on TON Blockchain. This airdrop will make it possible for users to sell their token or HODL them for a long time. 

I believe that most people will use a hybrid approach where they sell some of their tokens and hold some of the rest hoping that they will jump in the long term.

TapSwap’s airdrop will happen after Notcoin went public, giving it a peak market cap of over $2.6 billion. This valuation has dropped to $1.5 billion in line with the overall sell-off in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

TapSwap faces several challenges in the future. Competition in the tap-to-swap industry is rising, with the other big names being Dotcoin, Hamster Kombat, Avacoin, and YesCoin.

Second, it is unclear whether the coin will see more demand after the aidrop. Third, there is a likelihood that the industry will end up like play-to-earn platforms like Decentraland and Axie Infinity that boomed and then plunged. 

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