Biden speaks at Georgia Waffle House following debate performance: ‘I think we did well’

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President Biden spoke to reporters following Thursday night’s CNN debate and expressed the belief that he performed well against former President Trump.

‘I think we did well,’ Biden told reporters at an Atlanta area Waffle House when asked how he performed. 

When asked if he had any concerns about his performance, the president said, ‘No it’s hard to debate a liar, New York Times pointed how he lied 26 times. Big lies.’

Biden was then asked if he was suffering from a cold, which the campaign revealed following the debate performance where many expressed concerns about the sound of Biden’s voice.

‘I am sick,’ Biden said.

Biden’s comments come after it was revealed that a flash poll conducted by CNN following the debate showed viewers believe Trump soundly defeated Biden.

The majority of users on social media seemingly agreed that Biden lost the debate including some liberal pundits.

Biden’s camp has put out positive reviews of his performance.

‘Joe, you did such a good job!’ First Lady Jill Biden said to the president on a stage after the debate. ‘You answered every question. You knew all the facts.’

‘It was a slow start but a strong finish,’ VP Kamala Harris told Fox News Digital after the debate.

The president heads to Raleigh, North Carolina, where he’ll hold a rally Friday in a state he lost to Trump by a razor-thin margin in 2020.

Fox News Digital’s Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report

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