Hezbollah bombards Israel with rockets, drones

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The Hezbollah terrorist group launched waves of rockets and explosive drones into Israel in an attack that caused ‘nonstop alerts’ on Israeli warning apps Thursday.

The barrage was Hezbollah’s second major rocket attack in as many days. The increased aggression comes after Israeli forces eliminated a top Hezbollah commander, Sami Taleb Abdullah, in an airstrike this weekend.

‘Hezbollah is targeting northern Israel with more rockets and drones. Nonstop alerts,’ wrote Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst on Thursday.

Israel has not reported any injuries in either Wednesday’s nor Thursday’s attacks.

The IDF on Tuesday said, ‘A Hezbollah command and control center in the area of Jouaiyya in Southern Lebanon, which was used to direct terror attacks against Israeli territory from southeastern Lebanon in recent months, was struck by the IAF. As part of the strike, Sami Taleb Abdullah, the commander of the Nasr Unit in the Hezbollah terrorist organization, was eliminated. Sami Taleb Abdullah was one of Hezbollah’s most senior commanders in southern Lebanon.’

The IDF added, ‘For many years, the terrorist planned, advanced, and carried out a large number of terror attacks against Israeli civilians. Three additional Hezbollah terrorist operatives were also eliminated in the strike.’

The frequent attacks by Hezbollah has forced nearly 100,000 Israelis to evacuate their homes in northern Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened a full-scale war with Hezbollah if it escalates its attacks.

Hezbollah first initiated its aerial attacks on Israel shortly after the Gaza Strip-based terrorist organization Hamas invaded Israel on Oct. 7. Hamas massacred nearly 1,200 people, including more than 30 Americans.

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