Reports of Israel’s retaliatory strikes against Iran prompt reactions from lawmakers: ‘Right to defend itself’

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Lawmakers reacted after Israel reportedly struck a site in Iran early Friday in retaliation for Tehran firing a barrage of missiles and drones at Israel last weekend.

A handful of American politicians defended Israel’s ‘right to defend itself,’ calling for the U.S. to ‘stand with Israel.’

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told Fox News Digital that Israel had a ‘right and obligation to respond’ and blamed the recent attacks on President Biden’s handling of foreign policy in the region.

‘The scope of Israel’s action tonight shows just how far Iran’s reach has extended across the region. Iran’s advances should worry every American, because when Iran’s leaders chant ‘Death to Israel’ they also chant ‘Death to America,” Cruz said. ‘Iran launched a massive attack and act of war against Israel. That attack was enabled because Joe Biden and Biden officials dismantled pressure on the Ayatollah.’

‘Thankfully, after decades of cooperation with the United States, and thanks to President Trump’s diplomacy in the Middle East, we and our Israeli and Arab allies repelled that attack,’ he said. ‘However, it was still an act of war, and Israel had the right and obligation to respond. 

‘Congress should ensure the United States stands unequivocally with our Israeli allies as they do so and reestablish deterrence,’ Cruz said.

Following Iran’s attack on Israel last weekend, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., asked how America would respond if it were attacked.

‘If another country targeted America with the single biggest drone attack in history, how would we respond?’ he asked.

After reports of the Friday attack surfaced, Rubio posted on X: ‘Israel has the ability to conduct strikes against targets inside Iran without entering Iranian airspace from aircraft over Syrian and Iraqi airspace.’

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz defended Israel’s reported attack, saying it has the ‘right to defend itself against Iran’s full network of evil,’ while placing blame on the Biden administration.

‘Iran and its proxies have mounted attacks against Israel for years, and under the Biden administration’s foreign policy, things have only escalated. Israel has a right to defend itself against Iran’s full network of evil,’ Gaetz wrote on X.

‘Wisdom must be displayed,’ he said. ‘A broadening regional war is in the best interest of no Middle Eastern country – or the United States.’

‘The United States stands with Israel,’ Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla, added on X shortly after reports of Israel’s retaliatory attack on Iran.

Fox News Digital confirmed that there have been explosions in the Isfahan province where Natanz – the site of one of Iran’s nuclear facilities – is located, though it is not clear whether it has been hit.

A well-placed military source has told Fox that the strike was ‘limited.’ 

Fox News’ Bradford Betz and Jennifer Griffin contributed to this report.

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